An Introduction

The 1930's ..... long before my time but it was the decade in which my maternal grandparents were married and set up home in a traditional 1930's semi-detached house. A house in which I spent the majority of my childhood and which was the hub of our family life. It was a safe-haven where my Granny and Papa would indulge us, a place where family members came and went ... and the kettle was always on!

The house was sold when my Grandmother died in 1995 but I often visualise myself walking through the house and remembering every little detail from the front porch, to the art deco inspired bathroom, to the shell shaped wall lights and fly-catcher lampshades and the understair cupboard where we used to hide and where my Papa kept our bowls of hyacinths in the dark for the annual school competition!

I drove past the house recently and it has changed beyond all recognition. I fully understand the new owners wanting to update the house but part of me wanted it to be preserved as it was and as how I remember it.

My name is Allison and this is the story of my endeavour to recreate a piece of family history and a nostalgic return to the home known as 'Annfield.'

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Sunday, 23 January 2011

This makes me smile!!!

Oh has been so long since I updated this blog and sadly things are no further forward with this house, although I still think about it often and continue planning it in my head. Nevertheless, I decided to add this post because I think it relevant to the history of Annfield.
Although my Grandmother died 15 years ago there are still boxes of her possessions in my parents loft which haven't seen the light of day...until now. I was passed a biscuit tin full of old photographs, and I mean old! I date some of them to the 1920s, perhaps earlier as my knowledge of military history is a bit ropey! The 'newest' one I could find was taken on Christmas Day 1985 (I only know this because it was my Grandfather's 80th birthday!)
But two photographs which bring a smile to my lips every time I look at them are these.....

Mrs Cowan & Mrs McDowall

Silly hats and handbags!!

Mrs Cowan & my Granny
Sunglasses and sunny smiles!!

I guess these photographs were taken very late 1950s or early 1960s - obviously on a day trip away!

I remember these ladies from my childhood in the 1970s when they would meet my Gran either at the shops, at church or at 'The Guild' although they seemed to me to be very, very old then!

I always remember them as being 'ladies' and it seems so out of character for them to don silly hats and sunglasses. But I guess it does the soul good to act daft every once in a while!