An Introduction

The 1930's ..... long before my time but it was the decade in which my maternal grandparents were married and set up home in a traditional 1930's semi-detached house. A house in which I spent the majority of my childhood and which was the hub of our family life. It was a safe-haven where my Granny and Papa would indulge us, a place where family members came and went ... and the kettle was always on!

The house was sold when my Grandmother died in 1995 but I often visualise myself walking through the house and remembering every little detail from the front porch, to the art deco inspired bathroom, to the shell shaped wall lights and fly-catcher lampshades and the understair cupboard where we used to hide and where my Papa kept our bowls of hyacinths in the dark for the annual school competition!

I drove past the house recently and it has changed beyond all recognition. I fully understand the new owners wanting to update the house but part of me wanted it to be preserved as it was and as how I remember it.

My name is Allison and this is the story of my endeavour to recreate a piece of family history and a nostalgic return to the home known as 'Annfield.'

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Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Sketchy Details

First of all thank you for following this blog, slow though it is. This house is definitely going to be another long-haul project so I hope you'll bear with me. So, finally here is the sketch of how I plan this house to be.

This house is going to be quite big, approximately 2 ft square. Luckily my talented son had built a table a couple of years ago as part of his Standard Grades and guess's a near-perfect size on which to sit this house!

I'm hoping to do a dry build this weekend when it shall be revealed in all it's masking taped glory! Until then x


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  2. Your floorplan is similar to one of my dollhouses. It is a semidetached, Stockbroker Tudor. I believe it is a copy of a house in England. You can see it here:


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